The word embroidery indicates both the craft activity of embroidery and the product of that activity. Such an object is a design, decoration or ornament created with needle and thread on a fabric. 

Following are the steps for the embroidery process:

  • The customer sends a sketch of the embroidery – specifying how many colors and sizes.
  •  A proof of the required embroidery is sent to the customer, specifying how many stitches are formed – the stitches and colours determine the cost of the embroidery.
  •  The embroidery machines are generally multiheads and come with frames

– which cover all the heads – on which small frames are appointed, where paper or fabric supports are previously locked which are used to center the starting position and fix the garment to be embroidered. We must bear in mind that each head can use up to five or more colours: all of this automatically.

  •  Finally, the garment is cleaned around the embroidery