Our strength is the sublimation printing, where we have more than 20 years of experience. With a machine park of over 70 special printers and 20 transfer presses, TEXmarket is Europe-wide market leader.


With the sublimation printing, colour is vaporized directly in the material (sublimed). The production procedure consists mainly in two consecutive steps:

  • Printing the design on paper
  • Transferring/ Sublimating the design from paper on material

For this process there are used special transfer papers, as well as own dyes and special inks that are sublimed on synthetic materials.

For inks, as well as for transfer papers, we cooperate with the market leaders.


The sublimation printing offers following advantages:

  • Unlimited graphic possibilities
  • Perfectly printed image in all details; the logos are completely highlighted in the correct colours
  • High functionality; the breathing activity is not affected
  • The printing is extremely strong and elastic
  • The products are easy to clean and the colors do not fade
  • The products are free of PVC

Additionaly, the products offer economic advantages; no stock is required: there are bought only goods that are already sold.